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Durga Puja Celebrations


2017 Durga Puja in Pune

Since Durga Puja is renowned in the entire country, Pune is also not an exception. It also observes the same appeal and enthusiasm in Durga Puja. All the communities of Pune hail this celebration with great anticipation and in form of Dandiya which is the conventional Gujarati dance. In Pune, Durga Puja is celebrated by both Bengali as well as Gujarati community. Many pandals are being made to put Goddess Durga’s idol. People visit the place to receive blessing of Durga.

Durga Puja is observed from sixth day to tenth day of waxing moon in Ashwin month. However, because of shifts in lunar cycle related to solar months, it can also be detained in next month, Kartika. As said by Gregorian calendar, these dates match up with months of September and October.

There are numerous places in Pune where Durga Puja celebration is being renowned. All pandals are being bejeweled with fine-looking stage shows in places like Koregoan Park, B.T. Kawade road, Khadki, Shivaji Nagar, and some other places. The Gujarati people get together for playing Dandiya Ras.

There are several associations in Pune which organize this festival. Amanratan is amongst them which arranges Durga Puja next to B.T.Kawade road and gets blend of traditional as well as modern musical nights.

There are some places in Pune where Durga Puja is performed in places like Khadki, Kali Bari Samiti, Congress Bhavan, Bangiya Sanskriti Samsad, Modern College Ground, Bengalee Association, Wanowire post office, Pune Durga Puja Committee, Pimpri, and Banga Bharati.

Bengalis, who are established in Pune, take full chance to demonstrate their cultural commotion. People from other communities also enjoy the Bengali culture, dance, music and cuisines. A lot of pandals in Pune are ornamented wonderfully and people can take pleasure of tasty cuisines of Bengali sweets, sold on large amount during Durga Pooja festival.

Every year Pune people get pleasure from Durga Puja with enormous excitement which carries this festival for all nine days with Dandiya Ras.

Durga Puja Pandals in Pune

1) Nandanik, Kalyaninagar Puja
2) Bangiya Samsad Nagar Road Viman Nagar Puja
3) Paschim Pune Bangiya Parishad Durga Puja
4) Kalyaninagar Sarbojanin Durgotasav
5) Koregaon Park Durga Puja
6) Bengalee Association pooja Siddhi Garden
7) Banga Bharati Durga Puja Pimpri
8) Kali Bari Samiti Puja
9) Bangiya Sanskriti Samsad Congress Bhavan Puja
10) Modern College Ground Puja
11) Punya Nagri Banga Samaj Puja
12) Gagangiri Mangal Karyalay Durga Puja
13) Pune Camp Durga Puja
14) Pune Banga Sanmelani Hadapsar Puja
15) NDA Mandir Durga Puja
16) Banga Bharati Pimpri
17) AFMC Durga Puja
18) Shivajinagar Puja
19) Banga Bharati Pimpri
20) Koregaon park Puja

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