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2017 Durga Puja in Nepal

Durga Puja in Nepal is named as Dashain. As itís mainly a Hindu nation, model of festivals correspond with those in India. King of Nepal plays very important role in festivities, mainly throughout Saptami or 7th day of pujas. In spite of defeat of kingdom in Nepal, Royal Family even now has important cultural role to play in the nation.

Throughout month of Kartik in Bikram Samvat calendar (usually in late September as well as early October), Nepalese people pamper in yearís biggest festival, Dashain. Dashain is the greatest and most propitious festival in Nepalese calendar, distinguished by all castes all the way through the country. Thorough out Nepal, Goddess Durga is worshiped in all her appearances with numerous pujas, plentiful donations and thousands of animal forfeits for custom holy bathing, therefore wetting the goddess in blood.

For Dashain, each home is cleaned and wonderfully ornamented, painted as invitation for the mother goddess, in order that she may stay and sanctify the house with fine fortune. During the time gathering of far-away and close by relatives happens in each family. Market is packed with shoppers looking for new gifts, luxuries, clothing, and massive supplies of temple contribution for Gods and foods for family eating. Thousands of goats, ducks, sheep, water buffalo, and chicken are set for great killing. All organization types are stopped for 10-15 days. Laborers are nearly not possible to get; from poor to rich, all get pleasure from the happy mood.

Dashainís first 9 days are known as Navaratri when tantric rites are performed. In Nepal, life force is personified in divine power and energy of female, described as Goddess Durga in many forms of her. All goddess who originated from Goddess Durga are identified as Devis, each one with diverse powers and facets. Throughout these 9 days, public pay their worship to Goddess Durga as mother goddess is main resource of life.

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