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Durga Puja Celebrations


2017 Durga Puja in Mumbai

Nearly 90 years back, the Durga Puja festival was started on small base in Mumbai through Bengali goldsmiths. Today, over 85 big pergolas existing where Goddess Durga is adored for five days. The puja, started on right time with most of 1.2 million Bengalis existing in Mumbai and Thane district though other communities also take part in the Mumbai Durga Puja festival with same admiration.

The biggest attraction of Durga Puja in Mumbai is the pandals organized by Bollywood film stars. Some of the other significant venues are Kalbadevi and Charni Road, both in southern Mumbai along with suburbs like Shivaji Park, Bandra, Kandivli, Powai and Chembur.

Durga Puja has become an essential part in Mumbai's religious and social calendar. Durga Puja celebration was started with just one celebration in Kalbadevi which was organized by Bengali gold artisans and goldsmiths, has now 86 major public celebrations. When first time Durga Puja 'mandal' organized in Navi Mumbai and Vashi, a replica of whole Belur Math situated near Kolkata was displayed.

One Durga Puja which many Bengalis host is held at Ramkrishna Mission in a northwestern suburb called Khar. It’s one place in Mumbai where 'Kumari Puja' is organized and a teen age girl being adored as Goddess Durga on Ashtami.
Thane district has foremost Durga carnivals at Vasai, Thane city, Bhayander, Nala Sopara, and Navi Mumbai. Generally, artisans are specially brought from Kolkata to make various replicas. The highlight of last year’s Durga Puja at Kali Wadis in Chembur was a huge 25-metre tall model of famous landmark of Kolkata, the Victoria Memorial.

The making of idols of Goddess Durga generally starts in late July after acquiring special clay from Kolkata. These idols were made and dried in the humid air of Mumbai and then painted and ornamented. Then the delivery of idols sent to different venues when they are supposed to reach. Durga Puja in Mumbai is popular among film stars like Rani Mukherjee, Kajol Mukherjee, abhijit, Kumar Sanu etc.

Durga Puja Pandals in Mumbai

1) Vashi Sarjavanik Durga Puja Pandal Navi Mumbai
2) Ramakrishna Math & Mission Khar Durga Puja
3) Krishti Kandivali Lokhandwala Durga Puja
4) Aponjan Cultural Association Thane Puja
5) Assam Bhawan,Vashi Durga Puja
6) Powai Bengal Welfare Association Puja Powai Durga Puja
7) Bengalee Association Durga Puja Antop Hill Wadala
8) Kandivli East Bengali Association (KEBA)
9) Bengal Institute of Art & Culture (BIAC) Mulund West Durga Puja
10) North Bombay Sarbojanin Durga Puja Santa Cruz
11) Bengal Club Shivaji Park Durga Puja
12) Thakur Village Bengali Association Durga Puja Chandannagar
13) DN Nagar Pandal Andheri Link Road Durga Puja
14) Kalbadevi Sarbajanin Durga Puja Committee
15) Bombay Durgabari Samiti Cumballa Hill, Peddar Road Durga Puja
16) Shakti Samanta’s Durga Puja Bandra
17) New Airport Colony Committee Vile Parle Durga Puja
18) Abhijit Bhattacharjee’s Durga Puja, Lokhandwala, Andheri
19) Kallol Kali Temple Puja Punam Nagar Durga Puja Goregaon
20) Mahakali Sarbojanin Durgotsav Andheri Punam Nagar Durga Puja
21) Thakur Village Banga Parishad Durga Puja
22) Kandivali East Bengali Association (KEBA) BMC Ground, Durga Puja
23) Kanjur Marg Durga Puja Naval Colony
24) Tara Singh Compound Durga Puja Bhandup
25) Kalidas Natya Mandir Complex  P.K. Road Durga Pooja
26) EdenWoods Durga Puja, Thane West
27) Durga Puja at Happy Valley Thane Durga Puja

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