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Durga Puja Celebrations


2017 Durga Puja in Hyderabad

Durga Puja, also famous as Navratri, is renowned in the whole India. Durga is Goddess of heavenly power against all evils. All cities in country rejoiced Durga Puja and itís mostly distinguished in Bengal, because itís their festive season.

In Hyderabad, Durga Puja is celebrated in enjoyable spirit, with all communities get together to celebrate the festival with happiness. The festival continues for 9 days and 10th day is known as Dussehra. Almost all communities in Hyderabad get together for celebration and create big pandals so that people can worship Goddess Durga.

On celebrationís last day, people crowded to have sobbing farewell for Goddess. But most communities push back the farewell to enjoy this celebration as long as possible though maximum for 10 days. In some pandals, public come to enjoy the ballet dance.

In Hyderabad, all markets get blocked throughout the Durga Puja because people go to markets to purchase sweets, particularly, Bengali sweets as they are mainly sold during this celebration time. Many pandals are made wonderfully well with huge statues of Goddess Durga. Hyderabadi People visit these pandals to receive blessings from Goddess Durga.

Even though, this celebration is mainly celebrated in Bengal, Hyderabad also celebrates it quite well. Durga Puja is celebrated with enormous passion as people of Hyderabad get together to rejoice the festival. There are a lot of NGOs as well as other organizations existing which organize this festival. Also there are some Bengali organizations existing which organize Durga Puja as well.

The greatest crowd is observed during evening hours while cultural programs are going on and also at midday time when guests come to present Pujas to Goddess Durga. The guests follow the puja by sharing meals presented free by puja samitis.

Some Puja Samities also organize some stalls which offer novels, books, and other writing in Bengali. All these things are imported directly from Kolkata. Things masalas, Mustard oil and other condiments utilized in Bengali cooking are also available for sale.

Durga Puja Pandals in Hyderabad

1) Hyderabad Bangalee Samity Hyderabad
Ramakrishna Mutt Marg Domalguda

2) Utsab Cultural Association, Hyderabad
3) Bangiya Sanskritik Sangha Secuderabad Railway Station
4) Kalibari Temple, Hyderabad Sainikpuri Secunderabad
5) Hyderabad Bengali Association Masab tank Banjara hills
6) Bengalee Cultural Association Masab Tank Hyderabad
7) Cyberabad Bengali Association Chandangar
8) Bharat Sevashram Sangha
9) Ramakrishna Math, Domalguda
10) Bangiya Sanskritik Sangha Padmaraonagar
11) Uttarayan Club, Dharam Karam Road
12) Batayan Club, Airport Colony, Hyderabad

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