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Durga Puja Celebrations


2017 Durga Puja in Dhaka

Durga Puja is the most significant spiritual festival for Bengali Hindus who celebrates return of goddess to her birth home. In India’s other parts also, Maa Durga is adored, but with different names. For instance, in Kashmir Durga is adored as Amva, in Deccan as Amvika, in Gujarat as Hingula and Rudrani, in TamilNadu as Kanyakumari and as Uma in Bihar.

Durga is also recognized as Adyashakti, Bhavani, Dashabhuja, Mahamaya, Singhavahana, Shivani, etc. The name ‘Durga’ was come into existence after killing demon called Durgam or Durgo. She is called Durga, also because she ends all types of despair.

There are 3 types of Durga Puja existing. The first one is Sattvik (esoteric) Puja which consists of meditation, yanja and vegetarian dishes offerings. Second one is Tamasik (unenlightened) Puja which is intended for lower caste people and it includes recitation of mantras and also meat and wine are served. Third one is Rajasik (imperial) Puja, in which animal is surrendered and offerings used for non-vegetarian dishes. The suggested sacrificial animals are buffalo, goat, pig, lamb, tiger, deer, tortoise, rhinoceros, fowl, and iguana. Some of the scriptures even suggest human sacrifice.

Durga Puja is renowned in the whole Bangladesh especially, Dhaka. Some execute it separately and some jointly. Joint puja is named ‘Sarvajanin’ (open to all) or ‘Baroyari’. People of different castes can also take part in Durga Puja. A Sarvajanin Durga Puja is organized at Dhaka’s Dhakeswari Temple. It’s also organized in excess of 100 temples across the city. The pujas at Jagannath Hall in University of Dhaka and Dhaka’s Ramakrishna Mission are also well-known. In Dhaka, Durga images are taken to Buri Ganga to be engrossed. On this special occasion, clothes and food are distributed to the poor.

Kumari (virgin) Puja is a part of Durga Puja festival and observed on 8th day or Astami. During this event, 8 to 9 years old young girl, wearing clothes like Goddess Durga is adorned as living imitation of Goddess.

Durga Puja Pandals in Dhaka:

1) Ramakrishna Math
2) Dhakeshwari National Temple
3) Kantaji Temple
4) Joy Kali Mondir
5) Jeshoreshwari Kali Temple
6) Ramna Kali Mandir
7) Naat Mandir
Durga Puja are also held in other places of Dhala including Old Dkaha - Faridpur, Mirpur, Goalchamot, Banani, Farmgate, Monipuri Para,Khamar Bari, Shankhari Bazar, Tanti Bazar, Gendaria, Lalbagh, Rangpur etc

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Dhakeshwari Temple
Dhakeshwari Temple is the government owned Hindu temple in Bangladesh, a Muslim majority country. This temple has given the title of “National Temple” of Bangladesh. This is the most important worship place for Hindus of Bangladesh. The meaning of the name Dhakeshwari is “Goddess of Dhaka”. As the name indicates the temple is located southwest of Dhaka University. This temple was built by king Ballal Sen of Sena dynasty in 12th century. This temple has become an unavoidable part of Dhaka’s rich and varied cultural heritage. This temple has undergone numerous renovations and hence its original style has been changed. This temple is believed to be 800 year old and the original statue of the deity was destroyed in 1971 Bangladesh liberation war.

In the main old temple there are four identical structures which are devoted to Lord Shiva. The east part of the outer premise hosts the statue of Dhakeshwari. In 1988 Bangladesh declared Islam as their state religion. The Hindu groups in Bangladesh demanded the declaration of Dhakeshwari Temple as the national temple of Bangladesh. The government agreed to it in 1996 and since then the flag of Bangladesh is hoisted in the temple every day. On national holidays long prayers are offered in this temple.

This temple has become the hub of religious, cultural and social activities. Every year big Durga Pooja celebration is organized in this temple. The political leaders and various dignitaries like president and prime minister felicitate the Hindu community on this occasion from the premises of this temple. Thousands of worshippers visit this temple during this festival and cultural programs are organized. Apart from this on the birth day of Lord Krishna a Janmashtami procession is arranged starting from the national temple. This is the second largest festival of Bangladeshi Hindus. This procession was started in the year 1902.

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