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Distance Education in Chandigarh



Best Distance Learning Institutes in Chandigarh

University of Chandigarh has played a vital role in establishing distance education institutes in Chandigarh. Distance learning courses available in Chandigarh are highly in demand and successfully serving the purpose of providing quality education according to the current standards of distance learning. Students form every walk of life and from every corner of the world are excelling in their desired field of education by getting admission in these distance education institutes. However here you will a long list of distance education institutes in Chandigarh, if we start mentioning all of them, but only few are mentioned over here.

Oscar Educations International Student Advise Centre
HDFC Education Loans
HughesNet Global Education
Charms Education & Immigration Services Pvt. Ltd.
Overseas Education & Immigration Services
Shree Balaji Education & Immigration Consultants
Sun Land Education & Immigration Consultant

Along with providing up to date education, distance education institutes in Chandigarh are also offering necessary study stuff and very affordable fee structure for taking these distance learning courses. Modern technological aspects have also been taken under consideration in this regard; particularly Educational Media Centre (EMC) of Punjab University has offered 325 audio lessons and 9 video programs. A mighty stock of about 77,000 books has also been arranged by the department of correspondence courses of Punjab University. Domestic students have given the great opportunity to borrow the necessary books from the library rather than actually purchase it form the book shop. While for foreign students best postal services have been arranged as well. No doubt, these steps have incredibly supported the students not in the position of pursuing quality education due to their poor financial circumstances.




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