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Best Polytechnic Colleges in India



Best Polytechnic Colleges in India

Like other fields of study India has also established a great repute in polytechnic education. Every major state of India is running several polytechnic institutes offering polytechnic courses in all professional fields including mass communication, civil engineering, chemical engineering, electronics, fashion designing, interior décor, information technology and software development etc. Government and private both sectors are trying to put their best in providing best polytechnic education to nourish the intellect of young students of present to convert them into the best professional of future. Among hundreds of polytechnic institutes and polytechnic colleges of India, few are listed over here.            

Ambedkar Polytechnic, Shakarpur, New Delhi

Arya Bhatt polytechnic, Karnal Road, New Delhi

Aalim Mohammad Salegh Polytechnic, Chennai

Central Institute of Plastic Engineering & Technology, Hyderabad

Govt. Institute of Electronics, Andhra Pradesh

Institute of Engineering & Technology, Chandigarh

Air Technical Training Institute, Kolkata

Aeronautical Training Institute, Luchnow

Balwant Rural Engineering Institute, Agra

Academy of Architecture, Mumbai       

Polytechnic colleges in India are offering both modes of studies whether it is part time or it is full time. So either you are interested in getting a diploma or a longer time period degree, Indian polytechnic institutes are providing best polytechnic courses in almost all professional disciplines with updated curriculum standard and an affordable study pattern in every respect. Another positive factor about Indian polytechnics is that in past polytechnic education was mostly confined to males only but today women’s polytechnic in India have opened the new avenues of study for female as well.                




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