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Best Insurance Colleges in India



Best Insurance Colleges in India

Some years back insurance sector in India was only confined to Life Insurance Corporation and General Insurance Corporation but today itís making up to 10% of total population of the country, producing $500 billions revenue for the country. For adding more fuel to already booming industry, India has established a chain of insurance institutes in major states. Insurance institutes in India are producing professional of world class level to keep pace with the current standard of Insurance industry. Some of those dozens of insurance colleges and institutes are listed over here:            

Actuarial Institute of India, Mumbai

College of Insurance, Mumbai

Ernakulam Insurance Institute, M.G. Road, Ernakulam-11

Institute of Insurance Surveyors and Loss Adjusters, Mumbai

Insurance Training Centre, Calcutta

Kalyani University, West Bengal

The Insurance Institute of India, Mumbai

The National Insurance Academy, Pune

Tolani Institute of Management Studies, Gujarat

Institute Of Insurance And Risk Management, Hyderabad  

Insurance institutes in India are attracting thousands of aspirants every year to train them according to the present standards. Students must have at least 55% score in final exams result in order to get admission in insurance institute. In some insurance colleges, proficiency in mathematics and statistics with at least 85% score in these subjects is also a pre-requisite for admission. So if are also one of them who are interested to pursue a reliable and successful career in insurance industry and also fulfill the eligibility criteria for getting admission in insurance institutes, then one of the leading insurance colleges in India would surely be your next learning destination for the realization of your dreams.           



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