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Best Arts Colleges in India



Best Arts Colleges in India

I have heard people discussing that Science is better than Arts but it is not true at all. There are equal opportunities for both the fields. In fact, if you are so someone who is pursuing a degree just for the sake of it then arts could be a good one as the course goes for only 3 years and is comparatively simple and easy. These days with the BPO’s and call centers employing people who are just 12th Std, many have started choosing Arts as their subjects so that they could manage both. Attending evening colleges and taking up correspondence education is also easier in arts as there will not be any practical education and is mostly based on theory. On the contrary there are also some advances Arts courses like Public Administration, Poilitics and Journalism that you do from Arts Institutes in India which will come and help a great deal when you are hunting for a job. Some of the Arts courses that are available are:

Literature (This could be any language)




Arts do not have a specific Arts entrance Exams as such but then it is completely up to that University or College as to how they want to handle the selection process. Good grades and marks in the 12th Standard facilitate easy admission.

Best Arts Colleges in India include some of the following:

Loyola College, Chennai

St Stephens College, Delhi

Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi

St. Xavier’s College, (Mumbai & Kolkata)

If you do an Arts course then mostly you would need to do a Masters in the same field to get more recognition. As the number of Arts colleges are very high, Students passing out with an Arts degree are high as well. When you need to survive that competition, you will have to do something more than the degree to showcase yourself.




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