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Career in Investment Management



Glimpse of the Investment Management Course in India                  

If you have any interest in Investment Management you have to brood over the matter that it is a new concept in management where every detail of the assets, securities, stocks, real estate and funds are to be managed according to the need of the investors who may be a company, an organization or a private investing authority. The other name of Investment Management is Asset Management. In the banking sector it is referred to as a different type of fund investment management. He who plays the role of an investment manager backs up the investors and makes the investors particular guidance to wealth management.

If you want to go through the Investment Management Course you have to know every detail of the statistics of investment. Besides, you have to learn how to select asset, implement plans, analyze finance, manage stocks and monitor investment along with many other things regarding investment styles.

The Investment Management Course is specified for the managers of companies, private sectors and banks. The qualification that you need is graduate degree from a recognized university along with a little experience of working in the corporate sector. Actually those who opt for this course come directly from finance sector or from the field of commerce. If you are one of them you may have an idea of the special courses conducted by various corporate houses through their internal system of education. Hence this course is absolutely limited for those who are the managers or employees of the corporate sectors.

It is no easy thing to go through the Investment Management Course. You have to master different styles of investments, have an idea of clients, the conception of market analysis, decisions regarding investments and probable portfolio risks.

The notable Institutions that cater Investment Management Course are ICFAI University, The Indian Institute of Company Secretaries, The Orion Institute, New Delhi etc.



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