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Home Science in India

Home science is no new course but its application has been changed in a drastic manner. As the life style in changing in our county the perspective of home science also changes. The students are much more interested in this particular subject as the horizon is being widened in all the areas of health and fitness. In the earlier period it was regarded as a subject taught specifically by he girls to aid to their domestic life. Now there is a dramatic change in the outlook. Home science in modern India is now a new subject with a particular outlook.

Various universities of India are conducting the course as it has a new demand in the present moment. The Agricultural University of Punjab has already proposed to conduct a six year degree course to facilitate the rural youth enough employment. The University of Delhi too is ready to introduce a course with the same object. Actually relevance in the modern outlook goads the universities to open new sections with this particular subject.

Home Science courses can be availed in post graduate and graduate levels. The students who are prosecuting B. sc with pass and honors courses have enough option to undertake this course in the post graduate level as there are a lot of branches in the home Science stream in India. Today the students can take the help from various branches of the course and move forward with the help of the home science course.

The Indian students can opt for any stream for specialization. The particular streams are Resource Management, Human Resource Development, Food and Nutrition, Apparel Science and invariably in Communication and Extension. The students who can take up the course must go through the basics of chemistry, physics and biology while reading in the very first year of graduation though they come from other streams. It is the rule of some universities to make the course available only for the science students.

If someone completes the job quite well one may mach forward for a better future. There are so many job openings for the aspirant. In various industries there are galore of openings too. In the recent job market there is enough opportunity. Hence if one comes forward one may opt for tourism industry, service industry, sales and invariably in the teaching professions.



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