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Career in Graphic Design



Graphic Design on the March in India

I am sure graphic design attracts you o a great extent. Actually there is too much thrill in that particular course as it is a perfect blend of three things idea, image and word to communicate visually. The role of a graphic designer is to solve any problem that is related with the visual communication. If you want to be a skilled graphic designer you have to grasp the three general skills layout, drawing, lettering, typography, diagramming and finally photography.

If you have the power to grasp all these qualities you are sure to be a great graphic designer. You can easily apply for a job in the news papers, corporate houses, magazines, and many other sectors where publication is a part and parcel of it. Your work is to publish marketing brochures, packaging, designing logos and many other creative things. Now it is the age of media hence there is galore of employment opportunity in this sector.

Now you must have noted that many aspirants opt for this particular career. But if you want to put yourself firmly in this sector you have to go through Graphic Design Course. You can easily prosecute the three year BFA course. You have to pass 10+2 or any equivalent examination. There is option for 1 year diploma course in visual communication too. If you really have any inclination for creativity and an urge to learn graphic design you come in this field otherwise you have to end in smoke.

In India the demand of Graphic design course is on the move. There are lucrative jobs if you finally prove yourself as a perfect graphic designer.

There are many institutes in India that offer Graphic Design courses. The reputed institutions in India are Gujarat National Institute of Design, Sristi School of Art in Karnataka, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and IIT Guwahati.



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