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Career in Fire Safety



Fire safety courses in India 

Fire safety courses in India are becoming very popular. Keeping fire safety backup will only provide a protection against loss of material and human resources. Several institutes are offering varied courses in fire safety in India. You can take up a course whenever you want, like right after matriculation, you may also enroll for a degree course after 10+2, a post graduate diploma and even a number of short term courses are also available. This gives a good pay package as well in addition to all this.

Benefit of Fire Safety Courses:

On completion of Fire Safety Courses in India, you are eligible to work in both private and government sectors or alternatively you can work a consultant too.

You can also get absorbed in Railways, Airports Authority of India, Defense forces, mines, Petrochemical complexes, C.I.S.F., ONGC, Electricity Boards, refineries, municipal bodies and many other organizations. Since safety is the major concern for most of the organizations, so they prefer hiring fire personnel adept with adequate skills. Not only this you may also opt for an entrepreneurial career by becoming a Fire Surveyor of Fire Consultant. Alternatively you can also get into a business line of safety equipment, fire equipment, installation of fire detection and manufacturer of safety and suppression system.

Types of Fire Safety Courses:

There are various courses on offer regarding fire safety courses like advanced diploma courses, diploma courses, certificate courses, bachelor degree courses and postgraduate diploma. Only the eligibility criteria and admission procedures differ. 

Fire Safety Training Institutes in India: 

A lot of institutes are offering several fire safety and fire technology in India. A few of the institutes are as follows National Institute of Fire Management in Chennai and College of Fire Technology in Gujarat, Safety Engineering and Security Management in Pune, International Institute of Fire Engineering, National Center for Professional Training in Kerala, Institute of Fire and Safety Technology (IFAST) in Kochi, Indian Institute of Fire Engineering in New Delhi, National Institute of Fire and Safety (NIFE) in Kochi, Institution of Fire Engineers in New Delhi and National Fire Academy in Vadodara.



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