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Benefits of Divya Panchakol Choorna

Divya panchakol choorna is herbal product that cures stomach related problems and helps in preventing many other diseases. It is known to cure dyspepsia problems. Pippali is one important ingredient known to cure lungs and respiratory problems. It can be used as a spice, home remedy, herb and as a catalyst. The natural herbs used help in reducing pitta in the body.

Divya panchakol choorna is an expectorant, lung rejuvenator, decongestant, bronchodilator. It helps the liver to function effectively. Pippali used in this medicine is known to cure bronchitis, cough asthma and many other related problems.

Divya panchakol choorna provides a smooth voice. Damaged and diseased lungs that are a result of harsh smoking are treated with regular intake of this effective medicine. It helps the thyroid to function well and burns the excess fat stored in body there by curing obesity.

Citraka herb used in this medicine is known to reduce joint pains, swelling in body parts and filariasis. Divya panchakol choorna is also known to resolve health problems like indigestion, worms, loss of appetite, piles, colitis etc. when it is consumed along with mustak and fruit of vidanga missed with honey, it helps to treat indigestion, constipation and skin rashes.

Ginger used in this medicine helps fight cold, and it is also known to enhance digestion and accelerate the secretion of bile and saliva. It treats colic and dyspepsia. Chemotherapy results in nausea and ginger helps effectively.

Chavika is an herb used in preparation of divya panchakol choorna. It belongs to piper family and is known to treat indigestion, acidity, gastric, heart burn etc. the herb acts as a carminative and helps in treatment of jaundice, hepatitis etc. it enhances bowel formation. Divya panchakol choorna consists of many precious herbs and cures all stomach related problems.




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