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Baba Ramdev Ayurvedic Medicine


Benefits of Divya Ajamodadi Choorna

Divya Ajamodadi Choorna is medicine in form of powder made from precious herbs. It is good for digestion. It helps in absorbing the nutrients from the food and acts as a digestive lightener. It helps in treating asthma, bronchitis, cough, sinus congestion and various other respiratory problems. It portrays expectorant properties.

Divya ajamodadi choorna prevents the formation of spasm in the airways of lungs. It provides relief from abdominal cramps. Stomach pain is reduced. It helps in the direction of food flow from digestive system to the excretory system. The gastric gases are directed towards the excretory system. Muscular problems are resolved with the intake of divya ajamodadi choorna.

Obstructed vata is released with the help of this medicinal powder. Mental tension is reduced and provides relief to the mind. It ensures a balanced functioning of all the organs. It helps in treating heart pain caused by nervous constriction. It has antispasmodic properties. It works effectively on dysmenorrhoea and menstrual cramps. It regulates proper urination and reduces the pale colour of urine.

Divya ajamodadi choorna treats lower back ache. It ensures regular and comfortable breathing clearing the blocked pathways. The toxins are also digested effectively. It treats colic and hepatobiliary disorders. Besides its aphrodisiac property, it is also a carminative and diuretic.

Hiccoughs, nausea and vomiting are also resolved with Divya ajamodadi choorna. It shields the body from microbes and strengthens immune system. It is known to lower the blood pressure levels and thus proves beneficial to those suffering from cardiac disorders.

Divya ajamodadi choorna has no side effects and has always proven to be advantageous in curing many health problems. Though its nature is pungent and aromatic, it serves good for Digestive, nervous, urinary and respiratory systems. Thus it has a huge demand today.




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